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    For complete furnace sales, installations, maintenance, and repairs, contact Clean Air Comfort Systems. We offer FREE  furnace estimates and prompt responses to your service calls for repairs and furnace tune ups. 

    Our technicians are well-trained to diagnose the furnace problem and provide you with reasonable solutions. Trust us to get your furnace up and running so you stay warm and cozy! 
    Annual maintenance services for your furnace are available – and highly recommended.  Ask about our furnace maintenance contracts! If you want to become a preferred Service Member with all the perks get your furnace on an easy monthly payment to take the worry out of it. 


    Give us a call to get your furnace on the schedule with us:  360-398-9400

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    We install and service (almost) every furnace type found in our area.  If you are looking to have us service your furnace, read no longer. We provide friendly local furnace service. Call us now or fill out the quote request form. 360-398-9400
    If you are looking to upgrade your furnace we hope you give Clean Air Comfort Systems a call so we can show you why home owner like working with us. At the end of the day, regardless where you purchase your furnace, we want to help you with some information so you know your options and make the best decision for you and your family. Here are some common categories of furnaces to consider when looking to buy a new furnace:
    • High-efficiency furnaces, commonly called 90% furnace. The minimum required by Washington State Energy code is 95%. All high efficiency furnaces available today and legal to install by code in new construction and new homes will range between 95%-98% efficient. 
    • Standard or entry level furnace. This is the least efficient furnace type available on the market today and in the State of Washington they can only be used to replace an existing furnace. The 80% efficient furnace is a good choice when a home owner is looking to replace their old or broken furnace at the lowest price. 
    • Single-stage furnace.  A single stage furnace is the most basic when it comes to features. A single stage furnace can have any efficiency rating. Think of the single stage furnace as of a car with one single gear.  Single stage furnaces are common in Whatcom County and all over Washington. 
    • Two-stage furnace. A two stage furnace is the second best. Regardless of the fuel type or fuel efficiency, a two stage furnace gives you two speeds. In first stage, a furnace will put out 40% of it’s capacity, and some furnace models will put out 70% of the total capacity. In second stage, the furnace puts out it’s full BTU capacity.
    • Modulating furnace also known as variable capacity furnace.  A modulating furnace is the best available and our clients who have installed them absolutely love them.  A modulating furnace comes on at 40% of it’s total BTU capacity and it slowly ramps up it’s output in 1% increments based on your hose’s needs for heat at that moment. Modulating furnaces are the most comfortable and efficient because they match your needs at every given moment. 
    • Natural Gas furnace. All furnaces get shipped from the factory set up for natural gas. Natural gas is the most efficient fossil fuel readily available. PSE, CNG and other local utility companies have rebates for qualifying Energy Star furnaces.  Clean Air Comfort Systems is a trade ally of preferred local HVAC Contractor for Puget Sound Energy and Cascade Natural Gas. You may qualify for a rebate with your furnace installation. We would love to help you navigate the available rebates and find a furnace which is the best match for your house, your family’s needs, your budged and qualify for an energy rebate.
    • Propane Furnaces. A propane furnace is a good option in areas where natural gas is not available. Propane furnaces have the same characteristic as a natural gas furnace just not as cost effective to operate because the of the price of propane. LP prices vary all the time, but on average a propane furnace will cost you about twice as much as a natural gas furnace to operate.  When you have a propane furnace we recommend you consider upgrading to a higher efficiency propane furnace or a heat pump. 
    • Oil Furnaces. You may have an in-ground or above ground fuel oil or diesel tank and an oil furnace. From what our clients tell us, heating with an oil furnace is not the cheapest. Actually, oil furnaces can be the most expensive to operate. The efficiency of on oil furnace is about 80-84% efficient when it is tuned up properly. Few companies offer installation and service of oil furnaces because not all HVAC technicians are equipped to install and service oil furnaces. If you have an oil furnace which needs to be repaired, tuned up or replaced we would love to help you.  360-398-9400
    • Electric furnace. You can’t beat an electric furnace in simplicity, low cost of installation and ease of access for maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, and electric furnace is extremely expensive to operate because it consumes raw electricity to heat your home.  That’s why PSE has partnered with trusted local providers like Clean Air Comfort Systems to give you options to upgrade your electric furnace to a high efficiency heat pump
    Contact Clean Air Comfort Systems: furnace installation bellingham wa

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