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Furnaces in Anacortes, WA

Is your furnace not acting as it should? Consider repairing or replacing it. Our team works with furnaces in Anacortes, WA, and here’s how we can help.

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Custom Furnace Installation

At Clean Air Comfort Systems, we can install custom furnaces in Anacortes, WA in residential and commercial buildings.

Here is an overview of how we install furnaces as part of your system for HVAC in Anacortes, WA

Contact and Consultation

First, contact us by phone or on our website. You can tell us about your goals for a new furnace and send us photos of your current furnace so that we can learn even more.

Then, schedule a consultation where we can look at your system and discuss your needs further. During the consultation, we will create a plan for your furnace and HVAC in Anacortes, WA.

Estimate and Installation

Next, we will give you an estimate and schedule a time for the installation. You can finance the project by paying half before and half after the project. We also offer other flexible financing plans.

We’ll customize the installation to fit your needs, and we will make sure we get it in working order. Finally, we will show you how the new system works so that you can manage it and keep it going strong.

Furnace Repairs

We also offer furnace repairs, and our process is similar to the initial installation. After assessing your furnace, we will plan for the repair or decide if we need to replace the furnace.

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Gas or Electric Furnaces in Anacortes, WA

A gas furnace can be a good part of HVAC in Anacortes, WA. It does cost more to install, and they do require maintenance to stay in working order. But they’re cheap to use after the installation.

Electric furnaces in Anacortes, WA, cost more for daily use and aren’t as efficient. However, the initial installation is more affordable, and you can pair the furnace with a suitable air conditioner.

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