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    The Complete Guide to Thermostats Bellingham WA

    A thermostat is a vital part of the central heating system of just about any home. However, if you’re not entirely sure what your thermostat does, you’re not alone. In short, your thermostat is what controls the temperature in your house, and the way it does this depends on the type of thermostat and central heating you have.

    Many different appliances also have thermostats. Thermostats are important tools, because it can sense the temperature in something and adjust how that thing operates accordingly to maintain a specific temperature.

    thermostats bellingham wa

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    Different Types of Thermostats

    There are a few different categories of thermostats, and they each work a bit differently. They also vary in terms of how much they cost, and how energy efficient they are.

    non programmable thermostat

    Non-programmable Thermostat

    A non-programmable thermostat is the most basic type of thermostat you can get. It’s best for people who are often at home. To use non-programmable thermostats, you decide on a temperature that you want the thermostat to maintain. It can then control your HVAC system to ensure that your house does not get hotter or colder than you want it to.

    programmable thermostat

    Programmable Thermostat

    The programmable thermostat is a bit more sophisticated than a non-programmable thermostat, because you can essentially program it with a schedule. For example, you can set it up to keep your house warm overnight, but then turn off the heat in the morning. These thermostats are a better option for people who might not be home all the time to keep an eye on the heating or cooling, but who still want to keep their home as comfortable as possible.

    wifi thermostat

    Wi-fi Thermostat

    A wi-fi thermostat works the same way as a programmable thermostat, but you can also control it via wifi. This means you can generally get an app on your phone to control wifi thermostats while you aren’t home. If you’re out all day and want to be able to control your thermostat then this is a good option, but not everyone needs something so sophisticated.

    smart thermostat

    Smart Thermostat

    The most sophisticated type of thermostat available is a smart thermostat, and it basically learns your living pattern and preferences so that it can control your HVAC system without you needing to program it at all. Products like these are expensive and something of a luxury, but they certainly make life much easier, especially if you don’t want to have to fiddle with your thermostat yourself.

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    Clean Air Comfort Systems Thermostat Services

    If you’re in Washington, and especially in the the Bellingham WA area, and looking for new thermostats, then you’re in luck. We provide a comprehensive and professional thermostat service. We can offer a repair service for thermostats, and we can also install thermostats and related products throughout Bellingham WA. If you’re based in Washington and you need someone to service your thermostat, please feel free to contact us with your name and details and we can get back to you to explain the types of service we provide.


    We can also install a thermostat for you, and assist you with other types of household heating and related products. If you’re located in Bellingham WA, or other parts of WA, we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss. We try to get back to all enquiries within a day. 

    If you contact us with your name and an enquiry, we can respond within a day to explain our services and provide you with an estimate for the cost of our services. You can call or email us, or get in touch via our website. This estimate is free, as well as any consulting we do with you prior to working with you. If you’re based in WA, we can come to your location to inspect your thermostat and advise you on the type of work or maintenance it might need. We appreciate your business and hope to hear from you soon!


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