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Heat Pumps in Clinton, WA

Heat pumps are an interesting alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. Heat pumps Clinton WA can extract heat from the air and move it to a different area.

At Clean Air Comfort Systems, we pride ourselves in offering outstanding customer service and in helping our customers make the best decisions possible for their heating and cooling needs. If you’re curious about heat pumps and their benefits, our HVAC Clinton WA experts can answer all your questions and help you determine if a heat pump is the right solution for you.

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Who Should Invest in a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps run on electricity. This type of home system acts as an evaporator to remove hot air from your home in the summer. A heat pump works as a condenser to extract heat from the outside and move it inside of your home in the winter.

This heating and cooling system is energy-efficient and works well as long as temperatures don’t drop below freezing.

Homeowners who decide to invest in heat pumps should have a backup system they can power on when temperatures drop.

Our technicians can assess your current heating and cooling system and determine if it would be a good option as a backup system for a heat pump.

Heat Pump Installation in Clinton, WA

We work with local contractors who have an excellent reputation and who have all the right licenses to deliver great customer service. If you want to learn more about heat pumps, you can contact us, and one of our experts will answer all your questions.

You’ll also get a free estimate for the installation and will get personalized recommendations so that you can choose the right appliance.

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