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Mini-Splits in Ferndale, WA

Are you looking for an easy to install and effective heating and cooling system for your home? You might want to consider mini-splits.

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Mini-splits, according to the New York Times, is a combination heating and cooling system without ducts. The ductless system hangs on the wall and connects to a compressor outside your home. It removes the need to install a duct system, which saves time and money. 

The biggest perk of getting mini-splits in Ferndale, WA, is that this type of HVAC system is more efficient than other options. It provides incredible function while costing you far less than a central HVAC system. It also beats window air conditioners under efficient operation. Plus, a mini-split system allows you only to heat or cool specific areas of your home, so you don’t have to waste energy in places you don’t frequent. 

The installation also involves just a small hole, which reduces air leaks as you would have with a window AC. Another thing to note is that ducts loose a lot of the hot and cool air, and since you won’t have ducts, you get more usable energy and far less loss.

mini splits ferndale wa

There is one important thing to note about mini-splits. They are expensive to install. Remember that you will need a unit in every area you wish to heat and cool, so this could add up quickly if you want to install it in your whole house or multiple areas of your home. 

If you need a new HVAC system or an easy solution to your heating and cooling needs for an area of your home, then it is worth your time to consider mini-splits. Discuss it with us when you call about your needs for HVAC in Ferndale, WA.

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